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Our story ?


H. O. Verfuurden was founded on February 22, 2011 by Duth Verfuurden.



When Duth was eleven years old he received from his father a minibike. This was obviously meant for the enjoyment of riding a motorcycle but also to learn the operation of a 2-stroke engine.
The quality of a minibike at the time was bad. There are often things were broken and every time you had driven there was something that needed to be replaced.
Duth his father repaired in the beginning often the minibike, but Duth was always there to see what his father did. This did Duth not only when his minibike was broken, but did this with everything his father did.
Not much later, Duth knew how to make his minibikes and as the years had passed Duth now collected three minibikes. Also, he was already in school studying Automotive and Transport & logistics and he had a job as an assistant mechanic at a small car garage specialized in BMWs.


In 2010 Duth got the chance to make a business out of his minibike hobby. Here he didn’t have to think long about. With his € 2000,- savings Duth grabbed this opportunity with both hands.
He bought a view minibikes of this money at a wholesaler.
This he assembled at home in the garden under a roof and made pictures of the bikes in house. The minibikes he put on Marketplace and sold them out of his backyard.
The minibikes sold well and Duth brought them himself on Sunday along with his stepfather to customers throughout the country. Not much later Duth got a call from a customer if it was possible to send a minibike to Rotterdam.
And so Mini-bike-webshop was born.

2011 / 2014

On February 22, 2011 at age 17 Duth registered his company at the Chamber of Commerce.
Together with the help of his employer Duth built a online shop and sent so all his orders throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.
The shop grew steadily and after many suppliers Mini-bike-webshop now include among the top five shops specializing in the sale of minibikes and parts of the highest quality of the Benelux.


The self building and maintaining a website is very instructive. Web design, website optimization and search engine optimization around a website is very impressive.
The pleasure Duth finds in doing this, decides him to keep this not only for himself but also to do this for other people and companies. On May 16, 2015 Duth capture under the name H.O. Verfuurden the tradename GameChangers. Under this name Duth starts his Internet Marketing & Web Design company. Along with the help of his brother in law who is Google Adwords Specialist makes Duth beautiful websites for other companies.
As everyone may know, this kind of companies shoots out of the ground like mushrooms. Everyone has its own purpose and vision to do this.
The reason why Duth wants to do this is because it strucks him that there are many companies who like Duth can create great looking websites, but when you look at their portfolio, all the websites which they have made look quite a lot on each other. And Duth think is much room for improvement and growth. After all, businesses want a website that stands out among the rest, customers should choose for them and not for the competition.
And that’s what we want to do and want to reach at GameChangers.

What the future holds ?

We’ve got a lot of great projects on the shelf, where we are next to the normal work, very busy working.
Furthermore, we expect a significant growth in our business with perhaps expansions abroad. We are working on a project where we will be working together with a company from San Francisco, California, United States.
All very nice plans and the future looks beautiful.